Hi there,

I have the bluetooth bedside lamp. Every night before bed, I set it to a certain colour, and minimum brightness, and 30 minutes sleep shutoff - could you add a feature where I click a button and it does all of that? I would guess alot of people would use something like that regularly? At the moment, it takes a while to sort that all out (open app, go into settings etc).

Also, if possible, if you could get this via alexa, that would be great (but i think bluetooth can’t do that?)…



I believe that you may be able to do this with a xiaomi smart hub and smart button connected together and then programmed what to do every time you press it but can not confirm this. There may also be cheaper ways of achieving this. Also take a look at IFTTT (if this then that) as their may be solutions for you through building your own ‘recipe’. Hope this helps,