Attention, Yeelight Echo Beta users

Hi all Yeelight Echo beta users,

Attention please, recently we updated Yeelight Alexa skill code to meet the official certification requirement and it causes one issue for you: the “set/dim xx to yy percentage” command will be jeopardized for a while. The new firmware will be released very soon, after updating your bulb to latest firmware, all command should be working.


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GOOD!! Any ETA for the firmware update?
what Version that will be?

Already released the firmware to all users.

1.4.1_45? Why i do not find the Yeelight Alexa skill on amazone?


Can you help? i send you email but you are out of office,…

how can i get the link for amazon echo?

Hi guys you still looking for beta users? I have an echo and 3 of your lights . Would love to help

I’m really happy to now set-up as a tester. I hope it’s okay to post these questions here…

I’m all up to date with firmware on every bulb, but notice some bulbs respond to dimming commands and some just turn on full brightness or off completely.

Also, is there a voice command to access any of my previously set colours?

You can use Yeelight app, from scene management, you can create scene for your device. The scene is the snapshot of all your selelcted bulbs’ current status. Which you can change color from the scene. Alexa has no skill of voice command to set colors.

You can use dim command to dim the light. If you dim the lamp to zero, the lamp will be off. Then if you turn on the lamp, the lamp will turn on full brightness. This is what Amazon test case requests.