Applets won't execute in IFTTT

Hey :slight_smile: My account is set to Singapore and I am able to select both my yeelight LED-Bulbs (color) in IFTTT and they even show up with the same name as in the yeelight app. However when I try to run an applet (tried couple ones), of course, after having set the bulb I want it to apply to, nothing happens with the bulb. Am I doing something wrong? I did reset them (on/off until they flash in different colors) and added them again in the app, but it didn’t help.
with regards

From your photos posted here, i can see you create an applet which use “Button widget” as Triggers and “Yeelight” as Actions.With “Button widget” as trigger you must create a widget on your mobile.Your photos does’t show me that you had make an widget, so, have you do that? If you did it, can you show me your xiaomi account to help me debug and check? thank you.

Thank you very much. It now works - I didn’t know that I had to create a widget :slight_smile:

Ok, that’s good. Because of the “Button widget” as the trigger, it need user to create a widget.