App translation needed


First of all I’d like to thank you for your products, they are simply amazing and they are getting better and better day after day!

Today Xiaomi opened its first Mi Store in Italy and France and I think it’s time to translate the Yeelight app in these languages ad they also sell light bulbs and light strips.

If you need, I am an Italian mothertongue (sorry, I can’t speak French), I’ve done many translating experiences in the past and I would be glad to translate your app. I obviously don’t want any money or something, I’d do it just for free.

Let me know if you are interested,



Same to Czech…

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@RobertPegu @S474N4S

Thanks for your support! Please PM me your email address. Let’s figure it out.

Of course, I’ve sent you a PM.

I’d be willing to do translations in German!

Also sent PM and nothing.

@RobertPegu @S474N4S

The current resources need to be reorganized before importing to translation platform for your easy access.

Will send you the translation invitation once we get it done.

Thanks in advance!

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It’s more than two months and nothing?

I can translate to greek if needed!

I am sorry let you wait so long.

We have been working on resources for months, including the translation platform enhancement.

We will release new version shortly, after that, we will kick off translation invitation soon.

Thanks for your support!

Guys, what if we all join a Telegram Group for translators? We could help each other if we have doubts with the context of some sentences… what do you think?

I want to help you with the finalization of the Russian translation of the Yeelight application and plug-ins / scripts in Mi Home.
I very much want to use your wonderful products in my native language)

Czech translation - done


Great job! We will release beta version with your translation. Please help to review.

We have already supported Russian in Yeelight app. Is there any problem with the current translation?

Yes, some formulations are incorrect - it is necessary to correct and not translated help. Well, and the scenarios in Mi Home in Spanish.

I could put you in translator list. Please pm me your email.

App translation is one thing but most annoying is chinese remaining for aqara (maybe others) in app notifications or automation rules.

Yeelight has little control to none control over the Mi Home app since it is owned by Xiaomi.

Yeah I know, I was just desperate and had to filter it somewhere :slight_smile: maybe xiaomi guys read this too.