App for the Amazfit Pace

Hello, can you make a version of the app to be able to control the lights on the Amazfit Pace. Only an Apk to install it with Apkinstaller.


Excellent suggestion. Please consider this request. could also please also consider allowing the bedside lamp to switch off when sleep is derected on the Amafit Pace watch.


Yes, it’s a very good idea, but I will not use this function because the Pace is big for me to sleep with it.

Did you try to install the Android Demo from here:

And you know that it is already possible with the Mi Home App on Amazfit?
But the usability is not perfect, because Mi Home must be open the same time on smartphone.

Yes, it is possible only with the Amazfit Watch (Chinese version) but with the Amazfit Pace (English Version) it is not possible. That’s why I’m proposing this idea.

I have tried the Android demo apk from Yeelight Developers and it works on the Pace. The GUI isn’t optimized for the small display and wifi must be connected manually at first.

It should be possible to compile a simple app with tasker. But a native one would be better.
The workaround with Mi Home is all than comfortable.