All my lights are offline

All my lights including bulbs, strip and lamp are offline. They were working fine last night. I reset 1 led strip and was able to get it back online. Do I need reset all my bulbs, strip and lamp?

fyi, i had everything on mainland server, and few weeks ago I moved all but 2 bulbs to Singapore.

What about if you have a power cycle of your bulb? Wait for a few minute to see if they will be online or not.

ok, will do. last night strip controller was blinking blue.
just to make sure i reset it to join my wifi network.

this is kind of weird that alll my lights will go offline at same time?


I got 2 bulbs, 1 strip and 1 offline but remaining 7 devices are working fine. However, before I restart, let me know if anything I can do to help you troubleshoot the issue?

Which device is offline? Could you help to see if the offline device is in your router’s DHCP list? And please provide your Mi ID and tell us the time when your found the device is offline?

I’ll pm you my Mi ID number.
I just checked my Apple Airport, and I can’t see the bulbs x2, strip x1 and lamp x1 that’s offline. I had another bulb offline, and I rebooted, and it’s fine. All these are in bedroom, rest in my living and other bathroom are fine. I think they have been offline for few days. In last few days, I had reboot my homebridge thats only running yeelight official plugin almost on daily basis. I don’t know if these 2 issues are related but haven’t had an issue until last few days ago.

fyi, I’m using mac address authentication to restrict devices to my network.

How long did you set the DHCP lease duration?

Please try to modify that duration and check if the offline issue has something to do with that.

I’m running my router in Airport in bridge mode, and therefore I don’t have access to DHCP lease duration field.

As of earlier today, all my lights in the living room have gone offline. Let me know what I can do to help you troubleshoot?

Please show me your xiaomi id.

My Mi ID number is 1620303078