Alexa won't discover my Yeelight bulbs


Have the same problem now.

My Alexa worked with Yeelight LED Bulb and Yeelight Ceiling 650mm LED Lamp last 2-3 monthes.
Today I upgrade firmwares on both Yeelight for last versions (in MiHome app) and now have problems:

With Mainland China server my Alexa could discover devices, but can’t control it.
With Singapore server my Alexa couldn’t discover any devices.
I could control it from Alexa only if I set up Yeelight devices from Yeelight app. (but this app not so very useful like MiHome).

Yeelight LED Bulb firmware now is 1.4.2_0070
And I could control this bulb from MiHome app, but after update to this firmware, I can’t control it from Alexa.

Could you help me, please?

I don’t know what topic I should use for this question, sorry for the duplicate…