Alexa won't discover my Yeelight bulbs


Good luck!


Hi there,
Now that I moved my yeelight bulbs to Singapore Server I want to try all digital assistants to see how they work. Google Assistant and IFTT work great with my bulbs, but Amazon doesn’t.
I am total newbee on Amazon Alexa and I don’t have any Alexa enabled smart speaker. I only tried it with the App on my smartphone.
I have successfully connected my Yeelight-Xiaomi account to Amazon Alexa, but when I tried to add my bulbs I get the “Discovery failed” message.
@sheldon or anyone else from Yeelight could you please log my account? I will send you my xiaomi ID with a PM.



Send me your XIAOMI ID please, i will check it.


Sorry, it’s not about your account,the reason is you must have an Alexa smart speaker.


Ok, thank you very much. As a Google fanboy I’ll definitely stay with Google Assistant :wink:

Alexa can't find the device

Go to the menu, and select Settings.
Select your device.
Select Update Wi-Fi. Then, follow the on-screen instructions to update your Wi-Fi information.

echo dot setup | amazon alexa setup | amazon echo setup


Hello , I’ve ordered an Alexa assistant I will get it in a few days. I tried the Alexa apps with the Yeelight skills but my bulbs are not recognized. I’m using the Singapore server , it’s working with ifttt.

Here is my id.
Am I doing something wrong ?


I can’t find any device with your account? Are you sure you have connected to Singapore server? Which devices do you have?


Yes I’m sure >>

And I have one rgb bulb v2 , two rgb v1 bulb and one white bulb


Can you check and see what is wrong with my account ? Thank you


@luhaobo please help check the issue.


I read some other article where also mentioned the same thing related to Alexa. I read this Windows Defender customer service and that means it’s a common issue of Alexa? I want to know more about this please refer me to any page related to this topic.


Hello @luhaobo @dingyichen any news about my problems ?


Please give us your amazon id. I will add you to test skill.


I can not connect Alexa to Yeelight.
I am using Mainland China server.
I see my Yeelight on mi home app also.
ID 1544564026

I am sure I did everything right.

Have latest update on firmware on Yeelight, enabled skill on Alexa and all same timezones…


Device connected to Mainland China server won’t work with Alexa. Try to reset your device and connect to any other server.


HI Guys,

I’m also having issues to connect my Yeelight to Alexa.

Already did all the steps you recommend, such as change server to singapore.

I live in Portugal.
I’m using Mi Home APP with Singapore server.
I’m using Mi (Asia) Skill - already tried with Yeelight skill as well.

Still not working.

Mi Account ID: 1784671552

Can you please help?

Thank you.


Actually it works with mainland China server.

I have about 20 devices from Xiaomi and not all are supported on other servers.

Now I see all 3 YLDP02YL smart bulbs in Alexa

BUT 2 of YLDP06YL I do not see.


My device is not listed in the amazon alexa app under smart home devices
I am using Singapore server.
I see my Yeelight on mi home app also.
ID 1685188633
I am sure I did everything right.
Have latest update on firmware on Yeelight, enabled skill on Alexa and all same timezones

Can you guys pls help me


Lost my yeelight ceiling light connection to Alexa and Google home after firmware update. My I’d is 1650895557. Please help. The bulb is currently connected . Don’t want to reset as I say list every connection.