Alexa won't discover my Yeelight bulbs


Good luck!


Hi there,
Now that I moved my yeelight bulbs to Singapore Server I want to try all digital assistants to see how they work. Google Assistant and IFTT work great with my bulbs, but Amazon doesn’t.
I am total newbee on Amazon Alexa and I don’t have any Alexa enabled smart speaker. I only tried it with the App on my smartphone.
I have successfully connected my Yeelight-Xiaomi account to Amazon Alexa, but when I tried to add my bulbs I get the “Discovery failed” message.
@sheldon or anyone else from Yeelight could you please log my account? I will send you my xiaomi ID with a PM.



Send me your XIAOMI ID please, i will check it.


Sorry, it’s not about your account,the reason is you must have an Alexa smart speaker.


Ok, thank you very much. As a Google fanboy I’ll definitely stay with Google Assistant :wink:

Alexa can't find the device

Go to the menu, and select Settings.
Select your device.
Select Update Wi-Fi. Then, follow the on-screen instructions to update your Wi-Fi information.

echo dot setup | amazon alexa setup | amazon echo setup


Hello , I’ve ordered an Alexa assistant I will get it in a few days. I tried the Alexa apps with the Yeelight skills but my bulbs are not recognized. I’m using the Singapore server , it’s working with ifttt.

Here is my id.
Am I doing something wrong ?


I can’t find any device with your account? Are you sure you have connected to Singapore server? Which devices do you have?


Yes I’m sure >>

And I have one rgb bulb v2 , two rgb v1 bulb and one white bulb