Alexa App showing other people's lights

When I’m in the Alexa app, under Devices, I can see other people’s light bulbs. They all show as offline to me but it’s annoying because I shouldn’t be seeing them under my account. Anyone else have this issue?

me no…but there are other threads talking about that problem

I feel quite sorry about it.You can forget all devices and discover again.

When did you find that app can discover other people’s devices.Please tell me the particular time.Sorry again.

Other people have reported the same issue. Check the Alexa Skill reviews and you can see more people reporting this. It’s not a great customer experience to ask your customers to forget all devices and discover again to fix this issue.

It’s a bug of our service and caused this trouble, now we have fixed the issue. However, all the devices discovered in your Alexa skill are beyond our control, the only way to fix it is to forget them and re-discover.