Aioxiaomi: Python3 / asyncio library

Hi everyone,

I just wrote a small Python3/ Asyncio library to control Yeelights with Python. It can be installed from PyPi with

        pip3 install aioxiaomi

You can then test it with

      python3 -m aioxiaomi

Sources are on Github at

It’s pretty new, so bugs are probably lurking around.

One thing developers might find interesting is how the library will go in and out of “Music mode” automatically
if configured to do so.

I only have 2 “color” bulbs, so I could only test with that.


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Thanks for creating this library ~.

No problem… One quick question…

The specs says that when a bulb join the network, it will advertise it’s presence by broadcasting a
message over UDP. I have version 57, but I do not see those advertisement messages.