Adapter size

can someone share the size of the adapter of the lightstrip (height width depth)?
I can’t find them in the product specs and I need to install the lightstrip in a countertop


Will be at home in 3 hours. have one power adapter on my desk, since I cut the cable to change to another power supply, which is smaller :stuck_out_tongue:

If that is enough, tell me.

Yes thanks, and if it is too big I’ll probably do the same for my strips

FYI: The ground wire of the power brick is made like a shield around the insulated “hot wire”.

Got my new power supply at amazon and it barely fit, where I wanted :smiley:

Now I’m hoping for longer LightStrips, since I don’t manage to open the controller box.

Maybe someone has managed this and knows if it’s possible to exchange the strip by another one?

HxWxD: 65x30x50mm (it’s “0”-shaped, if you understand, what I mean) + 15mm for the socket input

this is the size of the original power supply

hope this helps a bit.

sorry, that I post it that late, but had to go somewhere before.

Kind regards Lukas

Thanks for your answer Lukas, with “0”-shaped you mean that the edges are slightly rounded?
It’s too bit big for me, can you tell me name of the power supply you bought on Amazon?

Kind regards,