A Place to Create and Share Customization Scenes!

Since setting up my Yeelight LED bulb and lightstrip, I have started to play around with the customization and scenes to use with my Amazon Echo. In this time I have started to look for other peoples customization frame sequences and scenes, and to my disbelief I haven’t found anyone else’s online.

So I thought why not create a place where we can share and discuss our custom scenes and light sequences!

I’m still experimenting with my custom scenes and light sequences to use with my echo as well as trying to think of cool applications to get the most out of our smart home lights, for example;
-It would be cool to have a scene where I say “Alexa, Celebrate!” and a short but cool light sequence triggers that has a celebration like theme.
-To have a scene/ light sequence that is like a drum roll after a joke where the lights will time to a Ba-Dum Tshh.
-A scene which mimics police lights just for fun, or even for safety; say if you hear an intruder or someone breaking into your house triggering police lights by saying “Alexa, there’s an intruder!” (using the custom routine menu in alexa app) for example, could potentially scare them off!
-Generally any enhancements to the preset scenes which you think could use some improving by creating your own version!

OR even @ the yeelight team: Create some sort of sharing platform or menu where you can directly share your custom scenes or light sequences within the App!!

Hope this kicks off as I haven’t found any other places online to create, discuss, and share your custom scenes with the community.

If anyone has any cool scenes or customizations that are worth a share (or even just simple ones), please kick this thread off and share by uploading a screenshot of your frame sequence or scene with a little description!


Actually we have thought about sharing fancy custom lights among users years ago, but due to limited resources, we lower the priority of this feature. Since you bring this topic back again, we will discuss it on next Monday and see if we could arrange a schedule for this feature.


That would be amazing!

And i’m not the only one wanting this as I have talked to a few friends of mine who also have yeelight configurations in their home and also suggested a feature like this.


We have been actually working on it. Will add Customization Scene Sharing in next release.


this is very important I miss much scenes for parties with lights flashing in high intensity. And it would be nice to share or view ideas from other users.

Hi guys, there’s an eta for this thing? I’ts a good idea to create a community!

Yes, exactly. We are planing that, but it will be huge change. Please stay tuned.

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Just a +1 for this. I don’t have the creative or technical ability to make a good scene. So to be able to use someone’s scene would be great.
Good job guys!

We are in almoat june 2020, if this feature ia out yet?

Great Idea!

Great idea indeed!