A cool feature


I just came across to this video:


It basically uses the Yeelight bulbs with Boblight and Kodi to create an ambilight like experience.

I really want to use my Lightstrip at the same way, but unfortunately I’m not a programmer so I have no idea how it works or how the script need to be modified to work with my Lightstrip.

Maybe somebody can help me, to modify the script, which is available here:


The user who uploaded this video commented that the script is pretty basic so there are room for improvement.

Please guys let me know your thoughs.


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Hmm, this needs boblight, but I don’t understand on what the boblight is running? I tried googling but there is not much info on that. Does it need special hardware (Pi, Arduino)?? It only runs on OpenElec?


This is the comment of the video poster:

It boils down to:

  • Install Kodi
  • Install Kodi Boblightd plugin
  • Compile and install boblightd and it’s library used by the plugin above
  • Configure boblightd and the custom python script linked in a comment below.

All of the steps have some quirks and caveats depending on your setup, but I got through the process in an afternoon of googling (+ a few tweaking-oriented, excruciating, seizure-inducing, flashing movie nights my girlfriend still hates me for)

Is there Boblight for Android?

I have no idea if there is or not :slight_smile: