110V support for Yee bulb in USA

I would also like to know where to purchase the E26, 120V 60Hz RGBW bulb (model yldp03yl)?

Specifically, for use in USA. I can’t find anywhere that sells this compatible model.

Thank you.

The old US version bulb is unavailable now, we are working on next generation bulb for US market, please stay tuned.

Any new features on the new bulbs?

There will be three SKUs, white, tunable white and RGB. The color temperature will be 2700k instead of 4000k. The lumens will be increased to 800.

Thank you for the reply. Any approximate timeframe on the new bulbs?

Really looking forward to them.

Current plan is July this year.

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Cool, thanks. Looking forward to them. If you need beta testers, you know where to find me. :wink:

Have you ever considered what it would take for Samsung SmartThings support? That’s a HUGE market here in the US.

It’s one of the feature we are planning, will complete it before the products are released to US market.

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Hi weiwei, what bulbs are these? I purchased them on Amazon and they appear to be genuine color 110V bulbs. I’m a bit confused since you noted release date should be in July.

One thing I noted: under idle (light off, but power applied) they seem to draw 2x the power of the white-only 110V bulbs. I’m measuring 0.5-0.6W while whites idle, but 1.1W idle for the RGB bulbs. Could you confirm if these are authentic?


Yes, they are authentic. Have you connected the bulb to your network? When the bulb is not connecting to any network, the power consumption will be a bit higher. Also, the color version uses a more complex AC-DC design and cost more energy.

What did you pay, and can you link me? Thanks in advance!

That link is broken, Weiwei

Try this:

Thanks for the confirmation, everything seems to work great on them. Power draw I was measuring was when connected to Wi-Fi. 1.1W off/9.4W for full white.

The ‘new bulbs’ you’re referencing in July: those supersede the colors that I purchased above? Is the only difference higher lumen output, same power consumption?

Higher lumen and default 2700K color temperature.

Hello, I live in Japan and the 110v version on Amazon.com does no ship to here.
Hope it to be available on Amazon.co.jp or it can ship to Japan on Amazon.com.

We are planning for Japan market, please stay tuned.

Can i use yeelight color wifi bulb 220V in a country with 230V?

Can it damage the bulb?

You can use it with 230v. The safe voltage range is 220 +/- 10%