1.4.1_48 music mode

Struggling to get music mode to work…

It works fine from the yeelight app, but commands are encrypted from yeelight so I can’t see exactly what it is doing.

According to specification, it should be working, here are my logs: -

DEBUG listening on 10186
DEBUG Music mode ON 186 <- { “id”: 1, “method”: “set_music”, “params”:[1, “",10186]}
DEBUG response: 186 -> {“id”:(null), “error”:{“code”:-1, “message”:“invalid command”}}

telnetting from another machine on that network (also via wifi) to gateway ( on port 10186 connects to the listening service fine.

DEBUG connect
DEBUG got [test]

Can someone please check my packet structure above, i’m pretty sure it is sending fine?

Also note that the “invalid command” response seems to occur after a second or so (internal timeout) in the yeelight.

I’m running 1.4.1_48 and RGBW model (YLDP02YL)

Thanks for your help!


Not sure if you guys picked this up, but it’s a subtle copy/paste bug.

“" the double quotes are different :wink:

slams head against desk

Thanks anyway!